Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sweet Fantasy

A Sweet Fantasy
By: bOB (

I have had several of fantasies of Paula having an affair this is one of them.

After discussing it, we had agreed a premeditated affair would be a nice way to spice up our marriage. I have been asking Paula to have sex with another man for a long time and she had finally agreed. For those of you who do not know my Paula, she is a very pretty woman with long brown hair and green eyes. And has a very nice slim figure.

The next evening after work we discussed the details of her premeditated affair. I offered nothing much to the discussion beyond a few nods and "oks" every now and then. It was now Monday, so that left plenty of time until the start of the weekend. Her plan was to go out to a club with her friend Anne Friday evening, and the two would stay out until they found Paula a suitable candidate for an evening of hot sex. The only real conditions were that I wasn't allowed to leave the house until she returned home, and that she promised she would have him use a condom. Also, we weren't going to have sex until after she finished her mission, whenever that happened to be.

"So tomorrow we'll go shopping," she said. "Shopping?" "I've never done anything like this before," she said, almost sounding ashamed. "I don't think I have anything in my wardrobe that fits the bill."

That was the first time I had ever been inside a Victoria's Secret, though I had looked through the catalogs before and seen their advertisements on TV. "Can I help you find anything today?" I heard the question from behind me, and I turned and saw a cute young girl of about 19 standing in from of my wife. My wife looked at me meekly and I just stared back at her. This was her show, I indicated, so I'd let her take the lead. "I'm looking for some thongs," she said, and I think I probably did a double take. "That should be pretty easy," the girl said with a laugh, and motioned for my wife and I to follow her to the back of the store. I watched my wife as she picked up various thongs from off the table in front of her, holding them up to check the feel of the fabric and the width of the straps. She finally found a few assorted pairs of different shapes and cuts and then handed them to me to hold as she continued shopping. I looked at the bundle she gave me. They were all thongs; most of them were very skimpy, however, as though she wasn't sure if she'd actually have the courage for them so she bought some conservative ones just the same. But one of the thongs was almost impossible small, and seemed to be made more out of dental floss than any other fabric he could place. A long, thin strip across the back met up with a long, thinner strip that went though the cheeks and met at the front in a patch almost the size of four postage stamps stuck together. It didn't fit in with any of the other panties she choose, so I wondered how she though she'd have the courage to wear such a thing. I looked across the store and saw her motioning for me to come over. "What do you think of this for a dress?" she asked, holding up a tiny piece of purple fabric. I wasn't sure what she was holding so I looked around to see what section we were in. "I think that's a nightgown," I said. "I know," she said, holding it up so I could see the shape of it a bit better, but it still looked like an incredibly thing dish towel to my eyes "But it's pretty. I think I'd wear it as a dress on Friday night." "But it's so small," I said, still in shock by her choice. "It stretches," she said, pulling the fabric a little. "There it is on that mannequin." I turned toward where she was pointing, but remained just as confused.

At first I thought I was looking at a mannequin that somebody had painted purple from the neck to the crotch, then I realized it was just wearing skin tight purple nightie. The neckline was cut long along the top of the just, but not low enough to expose cleavage, but that didn't keep it from overly exposing the mannequin's breasts, since the fabric was so tight they were perfectly shaped poking out and so seemingly see-thru there would be little left to hide. The arms were long sleeved, but the cuffs were thick and open around the wrists. The end of the nightie reached just a few inches below the crotch, and even it the fabric wasn't so thin, the very length of the gown would hardly conceal the bottom of her ass or between the front of her legs. "But it's see-thru," I smiled. "It's lace," she said. "The lace covers most things that need to be covered up." "I think this is something you're supposed to wear to bed." I said "Well, I'm going to be wearing it to bed on Friday night," she said, with a serious tone. "That's the whole plan." We bought the items and continued shopping before going home a few hours later. That night I rolled over in bed to make love to her, but she turned me away, saying, "Not until after, remember?" I grumbled and then turned over. I tried to get to sleep but the image of that nightgown stayed in my head. Friday came and I spent all day at work wondering what would happen that night. I found myself feeling sexual arousal when thinking about tonight. I was aroused at the idea of my wife becoming so bold sexually.

Later that evening we had a mostly silent dinner accompanied by two bottles of wine. She seemed nervous and she said she wanted to drink to take some of the edge off. To her credit she asked me after dinner if I wanted her to call the whole thing off, but I knew it would probably cause even more resentment, so I just said it was fine. She nodded and then went upstairs to shower and change into her new ensemble while I sat in front of the TV and tried my best to concentrate on whatever was on ESPN. I could hear her walking around upstairs, the water running in the shower, and the sound of the radio she'd always listen to while putting on makeup. About an hour and a half later I heard her come downstairs and say, "Anne should be here to pick me up any minute now." Paula and Anne had decided to go together in one car. Knowing Anne, she would either accompany Paula to the hotel for a separate room with a man of her own or just give Paula the car and go home with somebody. I knew that Anne's influence was finally rubbing off on my wife. I turned and looked at her, and lost my breath as my dick quickly grew to a rock hard erection. She looked amazing. My initial impression of the nightgown was based on how it looked on a lifeless mannequin, but seeing it now on my wife showed just how sexy, gorgeous, and absurd the outfit really was. It was beautiful, yes, but definitely a piece of lingerie. The color was a light violet, and was mostly see-thru all over, except for a few floral patterns made of lace that covered some of the front. The pattern covered the nipples of her breasts and continued down, covering the front of her crotch. From where I was sitting on the couch, slightly lower than she was, I could clearly see the front of the red thong that just barely covered her pussy.

When she'd sit down, I realized, there'd be no way to cover up her crotch, even if she crossed her legs and held them tightly shut. The nightie was just too short. I wondered how it would move and ride up on her when she'd dance. She had no bra on, which was clearly evident, since the only part of her breasts that were covered were the tiny areas around her nipples. "Wow," I said. "You look amazing." I stood up and walked over to her. She thanked me and then gave me a hug, holding me in her arms for a few moments until a car horn beeped from the driveway. "That's Anne," she said, breaking off the hug, but kissing me before she completely pulled away. "I have to go." When she turned to walk to the door, I saw her nightie from behind. It was even sexier from behind, with the line cut low so it showed off her tanned, muscular back. The fabric was pulled even sheerer around her round ass, and I saw that she was wearing the tiny thong she had purchased earlier in the week. It was so small it might have been invisible under the lace of the nightie, but the dark red color worked at a contrast with the violet fabric barely covering it. She may as well have no panties on at all, I thought to myself, watching her go. The cheeks of her ass were exposed, pouring out of the bottom of the nightie. She pulled the back of the gown down with her fingers, and the fabric pulled even more taut around her ass. As she pulled open the front door, I noticed the gown ride back up on her ass slightly as she turned around and said, "I love you, Bob." "I love you too," I said, smiling. "See you soon," she said, then closed the door and drove away with her friend to find a man to make love to for the evening.

The next few hours were some of the most arduous of my entire life. I finished off the last of the wine then started on another bottle. I went upstairs and showered. I was wondering what was happening and with whom she would end up. Finally, I collapsed in front of the TV for a few hours to watch the news. All that night I was sporting an erection. Finally, at around 3:00 in the morning, I heard a car pull up to the driveway. I ran to the front window and looked out, but it wasn't Anne's Audi. I looked through the windshield and saw my wife sitting in the passenger seat, talking to a young, trim looking man behind the wheel. She turned and looked toward the house, and I quickly stepped back a bit into the shadow of the kitchen. She seemed to be seeing if I was there, but I felt confident that she thought she couldn't. The man leaned in for a kiss. She accepted, and put her arm around the back of his neck. I became flush as I watched Paula open her mouth and take this man's tongue into her lips. They stopped kissing and then exchanged some more words. I couldn't tell what they were discussing, but he said something further and then she looked around, as if to see if anybody was around or watching from the houses or on the street. Then I saw the man smile and Paula's head leaned forward until it disappeared behind the steering wheel and I realized what was happening. I saw the man close his eyes and then the top of my wife's head came into view a little and then down again...then up and down, over and over again. I realized that my erection was starting to come back. I unzipped my pants and pulled myself free, then started to play with myself right there in the kitchen as I watched my wife go down on another man. I couldn't really see much that was happening, since the action was below the dashboard, so I closed my eyes and thought about how she must have looked in that nightie at the club, sweat from the light making the top of her chest and back glisten. I imagined her sitting on a stool with her back to the bar, her long, tan legs spread wide to show the men in the room just how little of her pussy that thong actually covered up.

I was snapped back to reality by the sound of a car's engine turning on then a key in the front door. When I opened my eyes I saw the man pulling out of the driveway, then I heard my wife come in and then close and lock the door behind her. She put her keys on the front table and then started up the stairs. "Wait," I said, and she stopped and saw me as I came out of the kitchen to the front hall. "You were watching?" she asked, with a shocked, embarrassed look. She lifted her hand to her mouth and wiped across her lips. "Yes." "I'm sorry," she said, coming down the stairs. "It's ok," I said, moving toward her. "I...I liked it." "You...?" she said, trailing off into nothing. Then she looked at my pants and saw how they were still undone. "What were you doing?" "I was watching." I paused, and then said, "And I was..." She reached her hand into my pants and pulled out my cock, and then jerked it until its erection came back. "...I wasn't expecting this," she said. "Neither was I." I moved my pelvis a little as she gently rubbed her hand along my shaft. "But when I was watching just now...I don't know." I smiled. "For some reason I really liked it." "Well...I liked it too," she said and then smiled. "Oh yeah?" I asked as I put my hands on her hips and pushed her back to the wall very gently, "Yes. It was...a lot of fun." I reached under her nightie and was surprised to feel my fingers sink into her wet, dripping pussy. "What happened to the thong?" I asked as I started to finger her clit. "Somewhere in the club we went to," she said, starting to breath heavy. "Oh?" "Yes. I loved how none of the guys could keep their eyes off me all night. I felt like such a little slut in this nightie, so Anne and I both went into the ladies room and took off our panties. Are you disappointed in me? I started to feel guilty. I was so afraid you'd be hurt." "No," I said, sticking another finger into her pussy. "I guess I'm not. But I did love that thong." "Me too. Maybe you can buy me another." "Definitely. I'm going to buy out that whole damn store if this is what that stuff does to you." I lifted up her skirt with my other hand. "But I could get used to this style as well. Tell me what happened when you came out of the bathroom?" She squeezed my cock and said, "I was so turned on. I could tell when each guy would notice because his eyes would bulge and he wouldn't look away from my crotch. I got so turned on, I almost came just from dancing with some guys." "Tell me more."

"By the time we left, I swear Anne and I were so horny and wet the whole place stank like our pussies. We were so drunk. I'm still so drunk." I put a finger up to her lips and wiped away a spot of semen. "Is this the guy from the car's?" I put the finger on her bottom lip. "Yes," she said, and then licked my finger. Then she took hold of my other wrist and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She brought it up to her mouth and, looking straight into my eyes, began to lick her own juices off my fingers. I reached behind her and grabbed a handful of her ass. The tips of my fingers stretched between her cheeks, but I found something wet and stick inside. I brought the hand to my nose and sniffed the semen on my fingers. "Is this his too?" I asked with a grin. ""Maybe," she said, "Or one of his friends'. I'm sure it all mixed together." "His friends?" I asked, shocked. She looked me in the eyes and frowned. "Are you upset?" I wrapped my hand around the hand she had on my cock. "Does it feel like I'm mad?" She shook her head. "I'm not upset," I told her, quite honestly. "Tell me about the friend." "Anne and I met them at the club," she said, relaxing once again. "We were so horny at that point and thought they were the safest and best looking guys we'd meet, so we brought them back to her apartment and had...well...a free-for-all. The three of them and the two of us." My cock actually started to throb when I heard that. I was turned on by the thought of my conservative wife becoming such a slut. I loved what I heard and wanted even more. "Did they make you come?" I asked. "Oh yes. Oh god yes. So did she." I raised an eyebrow and said, "I'm sorry I missed that." "I missed having you there. That's what kept it from being perfect." "Maybe next time I can be there to just to watch." She smiled at that and her eyes bulged. "You mean there can be a next time!" she screamed in delight. "Oh yeah." "There's only one problem," she said, jerking my cock faster than before. "You got to watch me out there in the car, but I never got to watch you when you did it. I want to get to watch you." "Well, maybe we can go out looking together next time, or maybe you can set something up with Anne. Sounds like she's even more of a freak than I thought." Paula laughed and said, "You have no idea. Some of the things she did tonight blew my mind." I put my arm under her and lifted her up. "I'm going to take you upstairs and fuck the shit out of you, but while I'm doing that, I want you to tell me everything that happened tonight. "Ok," she said, and I carried her up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Pt2 [part 2 of 3]
By: Karen

Hi, My name is Karen and this is the 2nd part of my real life story.

On the way home My hubby seemed really excited from my acting or as he thought acting with the big black man.

When we got home he started kissing me and telling me how horny he was and how he wanted to fuck me like the black man should have. I told him I need to shower first to clean up then I am all his. In the shower I washed up good but when it came to my sperm filled pussy I didn't wash it at all. I had something else in mind for my cream pie.

I went and got in bed with my husband and we started to fool around and kiss. He kissed his way down to my hicky covered chest. He said wow he really marked you. My hubby took a nipple into his mouth and sucked away. He now kissed his way down between my creamy thighs. He god honey you must be really fucking excited your pussy is creamy and so dam wet. My husband now kissed his way up and stuck his tongue deep in my open pussy. He was licking and sucking my pussy lips like a child with candy. He opened my lips up and sank his tongue as deep as he could get it. He looked at me and said my god your really creamy tonight and its fucking awesome. He then said you need to make another movie if it gets you this excited, then dove in and stated eating me again.

My husband now moved up my body and got between my legs. He sank his full 6 inches as deep as he could. He said god honey your pussy is so slick and feels so good. He just started to fuck me as hard as he could and I was thinking of James and his monster size cock in me and came all over my husbands cock. 5 minutes later my hubby said I am going to cum and shot his load in me. I think I felt him cum but was not sure.

A month went by and it was period time. What a relief I am not pregnant by James. I got a call from the agency and they wanted to do another movie in 2 weeks. Then said it would be with James again and he would bring the script by the house sometime this week.

The next morning James called and said he would be here around 11 am. I went and took a shower and got some cloths out to wear that day. I then thought maybe I will dress up a little for James just to tease him some before the next movie. I got out this little pink bra that was nippless and matching pink panties that were that were crotchless. The last time I wore these was on my honeymoon. I now put on a thin white tank top so you could see my pink bra thru it. I put on some workout shorts. I now put on some pink lipstick to match the bra. I looked in the mirror and said god Karen your such a tease.

James was right on time and he was dressed nice in shorts and t-shirt. God he looked wonderful as he walked up to the house with the script in his hand. I opened the door and let him. He looked around and said wow what a nice house you have Karen. He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I asked him if he wanted something to drink as we went over the script together.

We sat down on the couch and James kept starring at my cloths and body. My plan was working to tease him. James looked at me and god you look good today Karen and so dam beautiful. He looked at the script and said this is were we kiss Karen. I said remember I am really married James and we can only practice the words at my home. James said just a kiss and I was an awesome kisser. I told him he was the best kisser that I ever kissed. He said well then if we are so good we should act this part out and kiss. He leaned in and kissed me on my lips softly.

He said Karen when I kiss you; you need to kiss me back like a cheating wife would. James then leaned in again and kissed me. This time I opened my mouth and his tongue came into my mouth. I was holding nothing back and we were kissing hot and heavy. My nipples were hard and my pussy was getting wet as his big soft lips covered my lips. James moved me around so I was sitting on his lap facing him and we were soon kissing again. I was in control this way and I kissed his lips face and then his neck.

James hands were all over my back and then down to cup my ass as I kissed his face and neck. I could feel the bulge of his monster black cock pressing between us as we kept kissing. James now was pulling my tank top off. I said no we cant but didn't stop him. He looked at my bra with the nipples in plain site and said your so beautiful Karen and started kissing my neck and lips. James pushed me back and kissed his way down to my rock hard nipples. He sucked one then the other with his big soft lips. I was on fire and my pussy was running with wetness. He kissed his way back up to my lips and I was kissing and biting his lips and neck. I don't think I was ever this horny in my life.

James stood up with me clinging to him with my legs around his waist. He broke the kiss and said where is your bedroom. I said down the hall and last room on the right. He carried me down the hall while I kissed his neck. He let my feet slip to the floor and we stood there kissing like husband and wife not lovers. I felt him unhook my bra and slide my shorts and panties down till they were around my ankles. I stepped out of them and sat on the bed. I pulled James to me and pulled his shorts down to find no underwear. His big black cock hit me in the face.

I took it in my tiny hands and stroked it for him. I looked up at James and said how big is this monster. He said 11.5 inches and 8 inches around. I looked at him and said I can't believe this fit in me before. James asked if it was bigger than my hubbies and I said god yes by 5 inches and he was like 5 inches around. Then I started making love to the head of his cock slowly sucking more and more into my cheating little mouth. His cock tasted so good and I wanted to worship it forever but James had other plans.

He got down on his knees and opened my legs. He kissed his way up my things till he found a very wet pussy. James opened my lips up and started sucking on my clit. Soon 2 fingers were sliding in my hungry cheating hole. His tongue was like magic digging in with his fingers and licking my lips. I told him don't stop and flooded his black face with my shinny cream. He just kept licking all the cum up that I sprayed. James stood up and took his shirt of and now we were both nude in my bedroom that I shared with my husband.

I got up and pulled the blankets back and on the floor and got on the bed. James layed down next to me and we started to hungrily kiss each other again. Our hands were exploring each others body and my hand found his very stiff cock. James rolled over on top and I opened my legs wide for his big beautiful fuck tool. Here I am going to let this black man fuck my unprotected cheating pussy again in my marital bed.

James started rubbing his big black mushroom head on my slick married pussy lips. Up and down making me even wetter. I looked at him and said stop teasing me and fuck me already. He started to work his big cock into my tight pussy. I grabbed his ass and pulled down hard and took his big fuckstick to the hilt. I let out a scream I thought the world would hear. He just started fucking me slow and I was in heaven every time he drove it deeply home. I could feel the veins of his black baby maker as he slid in and out of my pussy. I felt his big sperm filled nuts slapping my ass when he hit bottom. James took my legs and put them over his shoulders and really started to pile drive into my body. I was clawing at his ass and back while screaming as his cock took me over and over again. 15 minutes passed and he said ride me Karen ride my cock baby.

We rolled around and I sat down on his cock and came as soon as it hit bottom. I was riding him as he sucked on my nipples. We were kissing and I was humping him with all I had and I could tell he was going to cum. I pulled off him and stroked his big cock while kissing him. I looked at James and said baby fuck me like a dog. Breed me from behind baby. We moved around and his cock went right in but in this position his cock did not go all the way in. 2 inches were still out and he slowly pushed trying to get it all in me. Every time he pushed I came on his cock. Then I felt it. He was in me completely and his big cock head was in my cervix. I was out of control as he started fucking me so deep. I was thrashing around screaming and moaning as his cock went in my womb over and over again. I was cumming out of control and almost ready to black out from the fierce fucking I was getting.

James was fucking me so hard and he said baby here comes 2 weeks of built up sperm. He grabbed my hips and pulled me tight and sank his huge black cock as deep as he could and unloaded. I felt every huge blast of potent sperm as he filled my womb. We fell over and he was behind me but his softening cock was still deeply in my cream filled pussy. James said wow that I am the best fuck he ever had and I told him he was the best for me too. I looked at the clock and we fucked for 45 minutes only stopping to switch positions.

We rolled around with his limp cock slipping from me and started to lightly kiss each other. I reached down to feel my sperm filled pussy but the was no sperm leaking from me. He really came deep. We got up and took a shower and still no sperm leaking. We got dressed and I took him to the front door and kissed him good-bye. I now went and got the soaked sheets off the bed and into the washer.

Five hours passed and hubby came home horny and wanted his five-minute fuck. We went to the bed and got naked and still no sign of James sperm in me. My hubby fucked me as hard as he could and I barely felt him in me. Hubby said he was going to cum and when he did he pulled out with a river of sperm following his cock. It was like he hit oil there was so damn much of it. He said wow he really came a lot this time. I got up and sperm was running down both thighs to my knees. I said to myself there is all of James sperm and took another shower with a smile on my face.

Bukkake Box of Infinite Glory

Bukkake Box of Infinite Glory
By: fastandsloppy (

It was weird. I used to hate those women who were always checking themselves in the mirror; inspecting their hair; reviewing their make-up; examining their curves and cleavage. Get the fuck over yourself, I'd think. But on the day after we got back from vacation I found myself doing the exactly same thing. Well, not exactly the same thing. I was worse. I had opened the closet door where Rick had mounted a full length mirror so that it faced the big mirror by the sink. Then I'd stripped down to my birthday suit and stood between them, studying my bod from front and back. Holy shit I looked good; my skin radiated the rich, deep, copper splendor of the best tan I'd ever had, my usually blandly brown hair was alive with natural sunny highlights and my body was firm and tight from a week of dancing, swimming and fucking.

It was a weird sensation, feeling good about my appearance. I'd been such a frumpy dork as a teenager. All through school I had awful braces, ugly glasses, bad skin, lank hair and a wardrobe of oversized hand-me-down sweaters and thrift store skirts my obsessively thrifty mother foisted on me. I had gotten my act together since then, but that kind of self doubt puts down deep roots. Rick was always pushing me to wear skimpier, slinkier outfits when we went out, but I just didn't feel comfortable in that slutty shit. So you can imagine the fit I threw when I found out he had booked us in a "clothing optional" resort in Mexico for our vacation.

Oh it was bad. Especially since I didn't discover his little trick until we were being shown to our room. I demanded we leave immediately, but we were already checked in so I agreed to stay one day. Then that afternoon we were lounging by the salt water pool and I saw a fat couple lolling around in the buff so I worked up my courage and took off my top. Rick kept bringing me daiquiris and my mood kept improving. Pretty soon I was hanging out bare ass naked. Me!

It got really weird when this Canadian lawyer swam up and started hitting on me. I was flattered, he was pretty handsome, but I turned him away of course. When I looked around to see where the hell Rick was, I saw him lurking by the bar: watching. He immediately brought me back to the room for some energetic, and very imaginative, lovemaking. As we lay holding each other afterwards Rick admitted he gets really turned on when other guys ogle me.

Now don't get the impression that Rick is some cuckold-wannabe. He's a big, manly, good-ole-boy who runs his dad's successful custom glass and mirror company. But for some reason he just likes it when guys check me out. So, I spent the entire vacation undressed or barely dressed as I strutted around and flirted while Rick hung back and got hornier and hornier. We'd fuck two or three times a day and I got to feeling like quite a hot piece of ass.

And you know what? If felt frickin' awesome.

So there I was, back at home, between those two mirrors, checking out my body. I was lifting my boobs up to check if my tan extended to the girls' under-crease when Rick walked in.

"Oh, that's what a man likes to see when he comes home from work," he said.

"Hey studly," I said with a big smile as I struck a centerfold pose. "How was your first day back?"

"It sucked," he said glumly as he came over to take me in his big powerful hands and lean in to kiss me.

"You should've taken an extra rest day like I did."

"They knew I was back in town. They'd have been calling me all day anyway."

"Why, was the place a smoking ruin when you got back?"

"Not quite. We had an emergency with a weird custom job. You know that place on the east side of town called Swankies?"

"What, the nudie bar everyone calls Skankies?"

"Yeah. They had ordered a big box made of two way mirrors with the mirror surfaces facing in, but Murray, the stupid fuck, build it wrong way out. So they had to rebuild it over the weekend and we were late with the order. I had to go out there to smooth things over."

"My poor studly, he had to go to a strip club for work today," I said with more than a little sarcasm.

"Hey, the Monday afternoon talent isn't exactly the cream of womanhood. I feel like my eyes got crabs looking at that bunch."

I laughed, but a detail of his story was bugging me. "Why would they need a two way mirror box with the mirrors facing in?"

"'Cause the guys can see in and from the outside it looks like there are a zillion girls dancing. But it's real freaky from the inside. I got in there to test the joins and it's like being in a huge room full of your own duplicates." He looked at the two mirrors facing each other in the bathroom, displaying a lined up army of me-clones. "Like with these two mirrors, but closer and on all four sides."

"Wow," I said, thinking it over. "So the girl in there wouldn't see the audience I guess."

"Nope, just herself; lots and lots of herself."

The idea of dancing nude in a small box among a sea of my own duplicates while being watched by men I couldn't see caught in my brain like a barb. It would certainly make it easier to do something like that if you couldn't see the perverts leering at you and you knew they couldn't lurch up and touch you.

"Hey, doesn't Swankies have an amateur night?" I asked.

"Yeah, their sign said every Monday nigh..." Rick's mouth dropped open as I stood grinning at him.


So there we were, in the parking lot of Swankies. We'd decided to go after ten so there would be a bigger crowd. The anticipation had been driving Rick nuts. Rick kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to do this in a tone of voice that left no doubt that he hoped I was. I confirmed I was still willing, but I was feeling really nervous. Swankies is in an iffy part of town and the clientele I saw entering the place was noticeably rough looking and "ethnic", if you know what I mean. I was glad I had a big guy like Rick with me.

"You seem nervous," he said.

"Of course I am. It wouldn't be a thrill if I wasn't."

"I got something that might help that," he said and pulled a joint out of his shirt pocket.

I'm not as fond of weed as Rick and his buddies, but I like it for special occasions and I certainly considered this occasion more special than most. We smoked it down to a uselessly tiny roach and unsteadily pulled ourselves from the acrid fog of the car. As we moved in slow motion towards the entrance I felt distinctly groovy and light headed.

Swankies was a cool place to be stoned. Neon lights, strobes, mirrors and loud, loud music flooded through me. I looked at the stage but didn't see the mirror box. I briefly wondered if the alleged box was one of Rick's tricks to get me there to strip; like his little nudist resort stunt. But I just laughed at the thought, mostly because I was so frickin' high.

Rick guided me to the bar and started talking to the bartender but I didn't hear, or care about, a thing he said. I was watching some Latina chick with a big ass, droopy tits and a collection of homemade tattoos strutting around on runway to an extra base-heavy version of "Poker Face". When I looked down at the crowd I saw a lot of guys looking at me hopefully.

A slick looking white guy in a shiny suit came out spoke to Rick for a bit before escorting us through the crowd to a hallway in back. A neon sign said "VIP Rooms". He showed us into a largish room where only the base track from the music out front penetrated. The room was dimly lit, painted red and floored in scuffed and faded red linoleum. There were a few chairs scattered about but on one side of the room stood a glass box; seven feet tall and a yard square at the base. It was dark, like a monolith.

"So your girl wants to do the Infinite Glory huh?" he asked with a leer.

"Wow, Infinite Glory?" I asked, laughing like a stupid stoner chick. "Coool."

"We've discovered a... um, exhibitionist streak in our relationship," said Rick.

"Gettin' hard core, huh?" said the manager gesturing towards the box. "But I don't judge. Just get her in there and I'll announce that we're having a special show." Then he left.

"This is gonna be awesome," I said with a spacey giggle.

"So you're still into it?" Rick asked.

"Heck yeah. How do I get in there?"

Rick showed me how the back opened and how the colored neon lights mounted into the corners worked. It blew my mind. Standing in there with a multitude of me stretching off in every direction lit in yellow, pink, purple and blue, I felt like I was in a crazy dream. I tried dancing, but it was a little tight for anything more than just wiggling in place.

"Hey, what are these things?" I asked, indicating three clear Lucite knobs inside the box. They were attached to the inner mirror surfaces on either side of the door as well as on the door itself. They were about three feet off the ground and attached at the center to three inch circular plugs of mirror mounted to their panel in clear plastic flanges.

"I don't know," said Rick. "I know they pull out. I think they must be for ventilation or something."

"Oh, I have such a smart, studly man," I said throwing myself at him and kissing him deeply. I felt his hard-on already uncoiling in his jeans. We made out for a while. We probably would have ended up having sex right there if the manager didn't come back in.

"OK love-birds, break it up, it's show time. Get in there honey and I'll let the guys in." He was rushing me like he was worried I'd change my mind.

I felt my knees go weak. I thought, Holy shit, I'm actually doing this as I climbed inside.

"Hey, sweetie: ain't room in that thing to strip. Just take your clothes off now," said the manager.

I looked at Rick who had that goggle-eyed, horny look I'd gotten to know so well in Mexico. Taking that as his final acquiescence I pulled off my tight yellow dress and shed my bra and panties as they both watched. Winking once at Rick, I climbed into the box.

The manager poked his head inside just before shutting the door. "Just dance around in there until you get good and hot. When you're ready just open the holes there and get to work," he said before closing the door and turning off the lights.

Perhaps it was because I was stoned; perhaps it was because I was nervous and horny; but It didn't occur to me that the box had an odd ventilation system. Nor did it occur to me what he meant by "get to work" after I had opened the vents. I didn't really have time to consider it because within a few seconds the neon lights came on and began flashing through blue, pink, purple and yellow while music started up and flooded the box with pulsing, thumping sound.

I started dancing.

As I said, there wasn't a whole lot of room in there so I didn't really dance so much as writhe around in time to the music. I twisted and stretched, ran my hands all over my body, pushed my tits and ass up against the glass and even played with my pussy and boobs a little. All the while I watched a multitude of me reflected off into the four corners of infinity; looking sexy and awesome in the shifting colors of the pulsating neon lights. I almost wished I could see the guys out there looking in and lusting over me so I could get confirmation I was looking as hot as I thought I did.

And speaking of hot, it got really hot in there really quickly as I danced around in that confined space. Soon my skin was covered with a gloss of sweat that started to run down my body and soak my hair. When the second song ended, I decided it was time to get some fresh air so I reached behind me, took hold of the little Lucite knob in the door panel and popped out the circular piece of mirror. I thought I heard a noise over the start of the next song but I ignored it as I popped the other two circular plugs out of the holes in the side panels. I was certain I heard a noise then; like a cheer or something.

These guys must really be into proper ventilation, I thought to myself.

So, I started dancing again. Since I was so wet with sweat I thought it would look awesome to my anonymous audience if I slapped my tits against the front of the booth and slid them down the glass. I was pushing back from this move when I ran right into a dick. It was poking through the hole in the back and aimed right at my pussy. It actually slipped in a little before I jumped up in surprise and looked down at my ventilation holes. Plump, veiny cocks were sprouting from each one. Those weren't ventilation holes, they were gloryholes.

Have you ever not gotten a really obvious joke and then feel stupid when the punch line belatedly makes sense to you? That's how I felt when the phrase "Infinite Glory" suddenly popped into my head as I looked down at those proud penises reflected over and over and over in the collection of parallel mirrors. I turned around to stare into the front panel of the box as if the power of my glare could melt through and set Rick on fire. Damn it Rick, I thought. This is going way too fucking far! He had tricked me again.

I turned back towards the door panel but those pricks were still there pointing at me; two black, one white. They sure looked eager; so hard; so enticing. I was pissed at Rick for popping this crap on me unexpectedly, but... If this kind of thing turned him on... Well, I couldn't deny being curious. Besides, I was so fucking horny and that big, dusky center dick was so long, thick and tempting. I mean, it was what Rick wanted, right?

I turned around and pushed my ass towards the big ebony shaft. I felt it slip up along the wet crease of my pussy so I reached under and pushed it back towards my vag. Good God, it was fat. I felt my lips get split wide and my insides get stretched tight as it pushed into me. I slid by ass back until I couldn't take any more cock and it started working in and out, fucking me deep. I reached to each side and started stroking the other two cocks. When I looked at myself in the front mirror I saw a sweaty, wild eyed slut with disembodied cocks in both hands. When I turned towards the side I saw the same slut with a big black dick fucking her from behind, seemingly from out of nowhere. That's when I came; the first time anyway.

I started "dancing" again; moving back and forth on that monster prick as I ran my fingers along the underside of the other two in time with the music. My left hand popped the first one off pretty quick and long streamers of cum shot out to splat onto my feet. It felt hot and slick. Soon after that, the huge shaft inside me began to pump and I settled back onto it to let it fill me. When it withdrew I turned around to show off my stretched out, gaping pussy to the front panel as gooey torrents of white slime flowed from my hole to run down my thighs and drip to the floor in long strands. Watching in the mirrors, I felt my lust jump to near feral intensity. Looking down I saw all of the glory holes were full again. I sank to my knees and eagerly got to work.

It wasn't hard managing three gloryholes at once. I'd suck one and jerk two, making sure to cycle around so everyone got some mouth time. Some tasted nasty, some were fresh, some where cut, some where not; but I was in such a state of heat that I eagerly took them all. I could tell when one was about to shoot because slick, slimy flows of glossy pre-cum would squeeze out onto my hand or across my tongue. When I knew it was about to erupt I'd get in front of it and let it coat my face or tits with pumping jets of spunk. When presented with a cock I particularly liked I'd get up to push my pussy back onto it and let him fuck me as I fingered my clit. Once either I got off or he did, I'd be back on my knees; milking and sucking; milking and sucking.

I got filthy quickly. I enjoyed watching my progress in the mirrors as I got coated in flows of dripping, stretching strands of frothy viscous cum. I'd blow bubbles of the stuff as layers of if flowed across my lips. I'd play with it, stretching long filigrees between my fingers, face, tits and a procession of flush, twitching cocks. I'd push my sticky tits up to slurp quantities of it from my flesh as I stared with wicked eyes out into the musky mirrored universe of my little box. Time seemed to fade into a meaningless abstract as my entire being became focused on penises and sperm, sperm and penises. My only goal was provoking the next eruption and feeling the hot splat of spunk on skin or the salty overripe melon taste filling my mouth to overflow with a burst of man seed. It was like I was drunk on the stuff; high on pheromones. I grew greedy for more as semen bathed my skin, filled my belly and flooded my womb.

It was something of a surprise when, after an eternity of sucking and jerking, a smallish black dick in the back gloryhole withdrew after filling my mouth with a heavy load and a replacement didn't automatically pop in to take its place. With relief, for my jaw and hands were growing sore and my skin crusty, I realized that I had taken care of the whole crowd. I turned to face the front of the box and squatted with my thighs wide as I slowly stroked the last two pricks. I was barely recognizable under a blanket of the doomed genetic effluvia of an unknown number of strangers and my distended pussy dripped with a sick slag of spent sperm. I knew Rick was out there looking at me. I wondered what he thought. Did he get what he wanted from his little trick? I hated to admit it, but once again I was glad he'd lured me into his depraved fantasy. I would never have agreed to something like this if he'd leveled with me first.

The cock in my right hand suddenly threw its load out in long streamers that hung on my tits and brought me back from my thoughts. I decided I'd treat the last cock to my pussy. I bent over and put my ass up against the hole and let him slide easily inside me. He didn't last long.

Spent, I sagged onto the sperm soaked floor of the now filthy Box of Infinite Glory as the lights turned off again. I looked up as the door panel open and there was Rick.

"Thanks for the surprise," I said thickly through lips sticky with cum.

But I noticed he wasn't smiling. His face was white; his eyes wide in shock. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He just looked at me blankly.

"Oh shit," I said. Obviously this was all a surprise for him too.

"I'm... I'm so... um, sorry?" he said.

Maybe it was because I was still high on weed; maybe it was because I was drunk on the musky scent of the pheromones; maybe it was merely because of the comically wide-eyed look on my boyfriend; but whatever the reason I just started laughing. "I thought this was the next step in your little fantasy," I was finally able to say.

"No. No, it wasn't. Not at all," sighed Rick. He stammered for a bit before finally spitting out, "But the weird thing was that I got really fucking turned on watching you in there. I don't want to be into that kind of shit. But that was so fucking sexy. "

I laughed again. "How many guys did I do?"

"I counted twenty two, might've been more."

"Wow," I said as he pulled me up off the floor. "Hey, since we're both into this..."

"The manager said they always have a good crowd on Friday," said Rick quickly.

I smiled up at him and he blushed; embarrassed by his transparent enthusiasm. I was already looking forward to Friday.


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend in Joplin -- Friday

Weekend in Joplin -- Friday [part 1 of 4]
By: moodcouple (

Weekend in Joplin


Nora got off work early on Friday in Little Rock, and headed north to Joplin to meet Lee. They had been lovers for about 6 months, but since he lived in Nebraska they hadn't spent that much time together. In fact, they'd had phone sex more times than they'd had sex in person. Now they were meeting for the weekend at the HoJo's in Joplin, in an attempt to make up for lost time. This was going to be the first time they had gotten together since he had moved out on his wife. Nora was looking forward to showing him what the rest of his life would be like with her.

As she was driving north, Nora thought about all the sexy things she had planned. She loved sharing new adventures with Lee, and she had several planned for this weekend. She had some things in mind she had never even had her ex do for - or to - her. For the umpteenth time, she vaguely wondered if perhaps Bob would not be an "ex" if she had led him to some more adventurous activities. One thing for sure, she was going to give Lee some excitement that his soon-to-be-ex, had never tried. She'd show Lee the pleasures of being loved by a Southern girl.

She had shown him a few things the night they met in that hotel bar half a year ago. She taught him the joys of dirty dancing, for one thing. Lee admitted that he'd nearly cum in his pants as she rubbed against him on the dance floor. That's probably why, later in his room, as soon as she took him into her mouth he went off like a Roman candle, spurting cum so fast she couldn't swallow it all. She later told him that she had had an orgasm on the dance floor while rubbing her cunt up and down his leg. And of course, that's why she had cum screaming as soon as he had began tonguing her clit that night.

She had been afraid that first explosive climax of his might be all for him that night, but of course it wasn't. He went on to screw her twice before they they went to sleep. The first time was okay - the second was spectacular. He turned her every way but loose. She thought he'd never cum while she had orgasm after orgasm.

They started out with her on the bottom, but somehow got rolled over with her on top leaning back so he could rub her clit with his thumbs and she could rach his balls behind her. After a while in that position he lifted her off, positioned her on her knees and fucked her doggy-style. When he still didn't cum, she had him sit with his back to the wall and his legs straight out on the bed while she knelt over him and milked his cock with her cunt. She rocked back and forth more and more violently until he slipped out just as he was starting to cum. She trapped his cock between them, and he shot his load all over their bellies. They then collapsed in a sweaty, sticky heap, and fell almost immediately to sleep.

But, as soon as the sun came up, he screwed her again. Unfortunately, the fact she had to go to the bathroom, and that with every stroke he was pressing against her bladder, prevented her from cumming, However, after showering together that morning, he took her back to bed and licked her to a great climax, before straddling her and fucking her in the mouth until he shot his load down her throat. He'd been justifiably proud, five orgasms in eight hours - not bad for an old guy in his forties.

As Nora was contemplating a repeat performance in Joplin that evening, the song "Sugar Shack" came on the radio. "I've got your Sugar Shack" right here," she said to her absent lover. With that, she patted herself on the crotch. Each time the refrain came up, she patted her pussy on each syllable. Each pat a little harder. Each pat lingering a little longer. When the song was over, her hand stayed at her crotch, and she began lightly rubbing her pussy through her cutoffs, thinking about her plans for the weekend. "Oh yeah, I've got some sugar for you, honey," she thought, rubbing herself harder. "I'll have you eating it right out of my panties."

Suddenly she realized what that hand was doing. "Whoa," she thought. "I'm driving, this can't be safe." But she kept rubbing. Getting more turned on, she un-zipped her shorts and moved her hand inside, feeling how wet her panties had gotten. The thought, "I'm gonna get killed," passed through her mind, but her fingers kept moving. Soon she slipped two fingers under the elastic of her panties, and started rubbing her clit in earnest. She scooted down in the seat so she could get the fingers into her wet pussy. "This is crazy," she thought again. "I'm going seventy miles an hour, I'm gonna die before I cum." But her fingers felt so good on her pussy, she was afraid she might die if she didn't cum.

Conveniently, there was a rest area ahead. Reluctantly removing her fingers from her cunt, she steered into the area and pulled into a spot at the end of the parking area. "A lot of people stop for a quick nap," she thought. "No one will notice me," she rationalized She shut off the car and leaned the seat back. As a nod toward modesty, she pulled a sweater over her lap. then immediately stuck both hands into her panties. Rubbing her clit with one hand, she started fucking herself again with the fingers of her other hand. Biting her lip so she didn't cry out, an orgasm quickly swept over her. When the spasms finally stopped, she reminded herself, "That was just fucking nuts." But she had a smile on her face when she drove off again.

Later, when she got to the motel, she thought again how dangerous her little finger-fucking had been. "But hot damn it felt good," she recalled. She pleasured herself again, more safely this time, in the shower, then laid down for a short nap before Lee got there.

Lee arrived about an hour later. She greeted him at the door wearing only the sheer jacket of her new nighty, her nipples and pubic hair clearly visible to him. He looked exhausted by his long drive, but she grabbed him in a big hug, kissed him, and rubbed her body against his. "I need a strong drink, a quick shower, and some of that sweet pussy - in just that order," he said, rubbing her between her legs.

She poured a stiff whiskey and water while Lee undressed. He nearly downed the drink in one gulp, then headed to the shower. Nora came into the bathroom and sat on the commode while he quickly washed himself. When he got out, she took a towel and began drying him, however he soon had his wet body plastered to hers, getting her new negligee soaked. She could feel how hard his cock was against her leg. "Give it to me now," she breathed into his ear. He pushed her back against the counter and she hiked her bottom up onto the edge, opening her legs for him. She hugged him to her as she felt his cock force itself into her. "Oh yes, do me hard," she murmured, more to herself than to him.

He slammed into her, his pelvic bone rubbing against her clit. He pulled almost all the way out, then slammed into her again. With each stroke, he moved her further onto the counter. Soon he had his knee up on the counter, chasing her across the tiles, keeping his cock inside. With her back against the mirror, she forced her hips forward, taking him deep inside. Rubbing herself against him, she screamed out as she climaxed. Wave after wave washed over her as she mashed herself against his body. Only when she had stopped cumming did she realize what a strange position they were in. "Are you as uncomfortable as I am?" She asked. "One part of me feels pretty good," he responded, referring to his cock which was still hard and still embedded in her. "Think we can make it to the bed, now?" he asked.

She led him back to the bedroom, dropping her wet nightie on the way. Laid out on her back, Lee buried his head between her legs. He forced his tongue into her pussy hole where his cock had recently been. He lapped at her wet pussy, then moved his tongue up to her clit. As he licked and sucked that hard knob, he worked two fingers into her cunt, causing Nora to gasp in pleasure. "Turn around so I can suck you," she whispered looking down on him. Quickly he reversed his position so they were laying side-by-side. He again started licking at her clit, while she took his cock into her mouth. Nora ran her tongue around his head, then slid him as far into her mouth as she could get him. Her nose was in his pubic hair, still damp from the shower, "And from my pussy juice," she thought. She loved deep-throating him, and each moan she elicited from him was transfered directly to her clit. It felt so good to her, especially when he put his fingers back into her and began rubbing her g-spot while sucking on her clit. Nora had to force herself not to cum again, she wanted to enjoy his first.

She slid his cock all the way out of her mouth and rubbed it over her face. Then Nora moved her tongue down the length of him, not stopping but continuing to lick at his balls. Gently she sucked them one at a time into her mouth, which she knew really turned him. It elicited a series of moan of pleasure, which she felt more than heard. Nora marveled once again at the size of Lee's balls. While his dick was certainly average, his balls seemed enormous to her. She ran her tongue down the underside of his sack and flicked it across his asshole, causing his whole body to shake with pleasure.

Following her example, Lee moved his mouth lower, dipping his tongue into her cunt, then on down between her ass cheeks. Lee rimmed her butt a minute, then forced the tip of his tongue inside, sending chills through her. Nora could feel his beard rubbing against her clit while he continued to rim and tongue-fuck her ass. She licked and sucked on his balls even more enthusiastically.

Nora moved her mouth back up to Lee's dick as he moved his back to her clit. She twirled the tip of her tongue around his head before taking him into her mouth again. She marveled at how good his cock felt to her. She began sliding him slowly in and out, keeping him lubricated with her saliva. She could feel that her cunt was providing plenty of lubrication down below, as he matched her mouth-fucking with his finger-fucking.

All of a sudden Lee tensed and his hands stopped moving. No longer licking, he pressed his face hard against her pussy and let out unintelligible animal sounds. She knew he was there. Fucking him more quickly with her lips, she felt his explosion start. His semen was hitting the back of her throat, and she eagerly drank it down. Despite the volume produced by those huge balls, she managed to swallow every drop. Nora couldn't get enough of her man's cum. Too soon, however, he began to grow slack in her mouth. When he was completely spent, Lee again turned his attention to licking. He had the fingers of one hand in her cunt, and he moved the other hand under her where he forced a finger into her ass, still wet from his rimming. Giving in to the incredible sensations Lee was creating, Nora let herself be carried over the edge. She kept his flaccid dick in her mouth, enjoying the feel of it there, until her climax subsided.

After they had both caught their breath, he poured himself another drink and they shared a cigarette cuddled together on the bed. "There's still time to go get in the hot tub, Sugar" she reminded him.

"Sure, let's go," he responded.

He started to get his suit out of his case, when she told him, "No, wear this." She held up a little Speedo she had gotten for him. She wanted to be able to see when he got a hard-on, and maybe show him off a little to anyone else around. As he pulled it on and she admired the way it outlined his cock, still half erect. She donned a very skimpy bikini, and they headed out.

The hot tub and swimming pool were in a room off the main corridor of the hotel. Across the hall was the entrance tot he bar and where a band was playing inside. They were the only ones in the pool room, as it was scheduled to close in just a few minutes. They were cuddled together low in the hot water when the manager came in to turn out the lights. Not noticing them, he slid a large glass door across the entrance to the pool area. In the half dark, Nora began rubbing Lee through the fabric of his suit. Soon he had his hand in the bottoms of her bikini, fingering her pussy.

Just then the band came out of the bar on break and slipped into the pool area. Not noticing the couple, they lit up a joint and started passing it around. Nora stood up and leaned her elbows on the side of the tub, watching the band toke up. Lee got up and began rubbing himself against her ass, dry-humping her. His hands were on her tits, pinching her nipples through her top. Nora could feel how hard he was, rubbing against her ass. She turned her head to whisper, "Fuck me." Obediently, Lee slid her bikini bottoms down, and his suit off. She spread her legs so he could get to her pussy, and she felt his cock enter her. He slid his hands under her top, and continued squeezing and pinching her nipples. Nora was so turned on, watching the four band members just a few yards away, while her lover was banging her from behind.

Lee slid one hand around her hip and used his fingers on her clit. Nora stuck her fist in her mouth to keep from crying out as she started to cum. Soon Lee, too, was pumping volley after volley of spunk into her cunt. In her standing position, she could feel it running out of her and down her thighs into the water.

When both their orgasms has subsided, they sat back down in the now scummy water, not bothering to put their bottoms on. As soon as the band left, she suggested they get in the pool to cool down. She pulled off her bra so they'd both be naked,and they quietly padded over to the swimming pool. They had no sooner gotten into the cool water when the manager appeared at the door. He came in and told them the pool was closed. He started to tell them to get out, when he suddenly noticed they were naked. "I'm going back to the office, and as soon as I'm gone I want you two out of here," he demanded. Suppressing giggles, they agreed. After he left, they retrieved their suits and headed back to the room, barely covered by the skimpy hotel towels they had wrapped around themselves.

Once in the room, they fell into bed. Finally feeling the effects of their long drives, and the frantic sex they had been enjoying, they both fell immediately asleep.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Artist

The Artist [part 1 of 2]
By: enjoyable20 (

The Artist

It had been a long day at work, and now I was sitting in an art studio. The room was set up in a circle, and we had canvases, and plants, and models lying around. Everyone busy painting, with the instructions we had received. I on the other hand, had lost interest in painting what so ever, ever since Francis had joined the class. He had black hair, longer than it should be, a mustache/goatee, brown eyes and stood about 6 feet 3 inches. His face was of an artist, but his body, yelled construction worker. He painted with ease, and did a much better job than I did.

Although I couldn't concentrate, because he had set himself up right in front of my station, where I could stare at his ass, the entire time if I could without anyone knowing. I pictured the room getting warmer, people leaving. Suddenly being alone with him, and I imagined him taking his shirt off to continue painting. I imagined Id strip a few pieces of clothing, and the entire thing would end up with him banging me. I imagined his hands, the way they could touch me. I imagined many things.

I was brought back to reality suddenly. "Hey, do you have some yellow I could use" it was Francis. Never having the chance to talk to him, I said, "Sure give me a second, I'm Mol.." "Mollie! I know" he muttered before I could finish. "Right!" I said handing him a tube of yellow. "It would be easier if you stroked downwards!" he said. "Excuse me?" I muttered. "The line you're trying to make, stroke downwards instead." He said pointing. "Right!" and I did what he said, and it was easier. He came to my side, and took my hand in his, "Try this" he said, as he took our hands and made the downward stroke, it was perfect. My heart was racing, and I didn't want to let go. "Listen Mollie, would you like to.." he said. "Yes!" I answered before he could finish. "let me finish, get some extra lessons with me, I'd be willing to show you some more tricks!" he said amused. It wasn't what I thought, but what the hell it wasn't going to hurt. "Sure!" I said. "Great, I'll give you my address, and you can show up anytime this week!" he said.

A few hours later, I pulled up to a small looking duplex. I quickly looked myself over in the mirror, one last time, the bad thing was that this was a lesson, So I wasn't sure, that showing up in jeans and top and my smock, would attract him, yet this is what I wore. I quickly walked up the steps and then rang the doorbell. The door opened, and there he was. He was wearing blue jeans, but he wasn't wearing a shirt. Revealing only half of what I could have ever imagined. He was muscular, but not too heavily and he had three tattoos, from what I could see. "Hi" he said smiling. "Hey, I hope I'm not here at a bad time!" I said. "Not at all, actually I was actually hoping you'd come earlier than later." He said as he led me into his place.

It was different then I had imagined, he had few pieces of furniture, but everything seem to have its place, clean and simply very simple and modest. He had led me into a room, where paintings were hung everywhere, and he had a few easels set up around the room, with paint everywhere. This room compared to the rest, was a mess, it was like he lived in it. "Nice place!" I said. "I'm almost never home, and when I am, I spend all my time in here!" he said, as he brushed some hair out of his face. "I asked you to come for lessons, but what I really need is a live model" he said bluntly as he turned around. "How about an exchange, I do what you want, and you still give me lessons!" I said quickly. "I'm down with that!" he said.

I could have sworn I had seen something in his eyes, flicker with pleasure, but I couldn't have been sure. "I'd really like to paint you!" he said. "Sure." I answered and added "When?" "How about now?" he said, as he pointed to an area covered in pillows and blankets all nicely folded. "Okay!" I answered. Suddenly I was quite nervous, he had something in mind, and wasn't letting on. He went to the area, and started placing the blankets, and pillows, before turning around to face me. "Are you comfortable with your body?" he said. I knew where this was going, and if I was going to at least try to get him interested, I knew I would have to eventually strip down. "Yes". "Good" he said and added "So get naked!" I immediately took off my shirt, revealing a red lacy bra that was barely supporting my 36 DD's, then unzipped my jeans, and let them fall to the floor.

He looked back at me, quickly looking me over, before I could notice. I was about to remove my bra, but he turned towards me, "Need some help?" he spoke, as he got behind me. "Please!" I said as I felt his hands reach underneath my bra strap before untying it. I felt his hands run down my body before taking both his thumbs and hooking them in my thong, before pulling them down, leaving me naked. I stepped forward to allow my thong to get free, and then turned to face him. "How do you want me?" I said, knowing quite well, this had double meaning. "I'd like you to lie down among the pillows, and well I'll show you!" he said. So I began to lie down, and he came closer, and began tossing pillows one way, and slid a blanket between my legs, I felt his hand brush up against my pussy lips, I could have came right there, I could feel myself get hotter each minute.

The air felt thick. He looked me in the eye, as he raised my arm, and placed it on my hip, then he untied my hair, and ran his hands through them, before placing my hair in different directions. I found myself eye level to his crotch. He didn't seem to be hard. Perhaps all he did want was a model, I thought to myself, as he got set-up with some paint. "Don't move now" he said before starting. I felt quite as ease, and soon I couldn't help to drift to sleep.

I woke, to hand brushing my hair out of my face. "Shh, its okay, it's me Francis!" he said softly. "Hi" I said. "I think I'm good for today, do you want to see!" he said. "Yes!" I said. He took my hand, and helped me up. As I set my foot on the cold floor, my body pressed up against his. I could feel every bone, every muscle. I realized he was hard. I could have pressed harder against him, but chose to go to the painting. What he painted was not at all I expected. The entire painting was me, sleeping with my eyes closed. You couldn't even tell that I was nude. "Why did I have to get nude?" I said turning to him. "I was going to, Hmm, I mean!" he said. "So why didn't you?" I asked him suddenly feeling the need to get closer; I grabbed him, by the waist pulling him closer. He didn't need more cues, and immediately brought his head down to meet my lips.

His tongue was quick, and warm, and he pressed up against me hard. He was leading me to the blanketed area. I pulled on his pants, but he pushed my hand out of the way. My hands felt his naked smooth and muscular upper half. His lips had not left mine, but now were busy with my nipples. His tongue ravished each one, slowly leaving them both pointy. His hand gripped one, as it made its way before he carefully began to finger me. I felt myself grow light, feel completely relaxed and let him touch me. His fingers were slow and they pressed hard into me. I couldn't take much longer. My body cramped up and I came into his hand. Satisfied of my response, he unbuckled his belt slowly, as I sat up.

His boxer-briefs were in tent style and I couldn't wait to have his cock in my mouth. I licked my lips, as he removed his boxer-briefs and came into eye contact with his now hard member. I let my hand wrap around it, before bringing him to my lips for the very first taste. As my lips touched his sweet cock, he lay down, and closed his eyes. I began to let him push further and further into my mouth. His hand, pushed against my head, and yet I wanted more. I let my tongue lick all the way from his balls to the tip before taking it once more into my mouth. I felt him twitch and I knew it was coming. I sucked harder, and felt him tense up and blast squirt after squirt into my mouth. After cleaning all that I hadn't been able to swallow, I climbed over him and laid down on him.

We kissed lazily before he sat us up, wrapping his arms tightly around my naked body. I let my hands wander and run through his hair. He kissed my neck, rubbed his hands in circles in my back. I knew I wanted him soon, I was getting hornier by the minute. I felt him start get hard against my thigh. I rubbed myself against him. Pushing my lips against him, he rolled us over. He lifted my ass, in the air. Where he inserted a finger in my now drenched hairless pussy. He rubbed slowly and when he was assured that I was well lubed up, he pushed his cock in my tight opening. It slipped in inch by inch. His hand now on each side of my tiny little waist, he fucked me slowly. His cock buried deep inside me, he moved slowly, causing me to cum quicker than I had thought. I felt my juices run down my thighs.

He continued his slow rhythm, it felt like torture, but I knew I'd orgasm a few times, before he would come. I quivered again, and my body shook again. His paced quicken, his cock filling me, slipping in and out. I felt him then, as he came inside of me, as I came for the very third time. He pulled out and rolled me over to face him. I spread my legs, and let him come and lay on top of me. Even though he wasn't hard, I grinded him as I kissed him, pulling on his lips, letting his tongue twirl hotly with mine. I pulled on the blanket, and covered us with it. He got to my side, and we both laid there on his model area. "I don't think I've ever seen someone cum so much!" he muttered. "I think that's a record for me, baby!" I said. He pulled in and kissed me, wrapping his arms around me.

When we woke, we both got dressed and he gave me my first lesson. Sitting at the easel on the little stool, he stood behind me, reaching over to help me stroke the paint with the paintbrush on the canvas. The painting itself wasn't much, just a few household objects, a vase, a plant, and some weird box. His hand rubbed my arm, leaving behind my arm covered with goose bumps. I reached for some yellow, and his hand, cupped my left breast through my shirt. "I need my lesson!" I muttered looking up at him. "Okay!" he said, but from the look in his eye, he had no plan of stopping. His hand squeezed it, and then both hands were on both my breasts. Both rubbing and squeezing, my body reacting more than I wanted to, I felt my eyes close for a split second, as I breathed in. I needed my lesson. I felt my shirt be lifted off, and yet I didn't try to stop him. His hands rubbed my neck gently, and continued to my shoulders. I put the paintbrush down, and lost myself in what he was doing to my shoulders.

He kissed the left one, and then kissed the right one, and slipped his hands around my body. I leaned back into him, and he helped me up and then took my hand, and pulled me along. We went out of the room, past the bedroom, to the bathroom. Where he began to strip in front of me. I followed his cue, and removed my clothing. He turned on the shower and hopped in, handing me his hand, as he pulled me in. The water was boiling hot, and I yelled out. He adjusted it, and pulled me in for a wet kiss. He grabbed some soap, and began lathering me up, scrubbing and rubbing his hands all over my wet body. I ran my hands through his wet hair. I loved the feeling of it against my hands. He pushed me against the cold ceramic wall, and kissed me again. He pulled back, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, and let him rise me off the floor, as I wrapped my legs around his naked wet body.

He steadied himself with one hand against the wall, and then his other went to help himself guide his way in. I felt his cock slowly start to enter me. I bite my lip, as he pushed in. The hot water washed over us, as he slowly began a rhythm as my body pressed against the coldness of the ceramic wall. He kissed my lip and tugged on it. As I felt him glide in and out of me steadily, I breathed in heavily. "Fuck ya!" I muttered. He pounded a little harder. "That's it Francis! Harder!" I muttered. "You want it harder?" he asked as he pressed me against the wall harder, making my legs weak and having a harder time keeping them wrapped around in. There was no more need, he was supporting me, with his chest pushed up against me. His hips bucked front and back, thrusting into me harder with each blow. "Ah Ah ya Frannnc" I muttered as I quivered. He continued fucking me, as I felt myself reach a new height once again. I felt him loosen his grip against me, and I wrapped my legs around his naked body once more, as he came inside me. Soon, he let me down, and we continued our shower.

Later that week..

"Mollie, I see that you've been taking lessons!" said the professor, as he walked around. "Yes, I have!" I muttered eyeing Francis in the corner of my eye. Who had brought in his last piece of work, and was getting ready to display it. "Well its paying off tremendously" he muttered before heading to where Francis was setting up. "So what do you have for us today Francis?" the professor asked. "Just something I've been working on for the last week or so!" he said. The professor turned to the rest of the class, "Gather round, lets see what Francis has for us this week!" We gathered around, and then Francis took off the drape. There stood a painting, the almost exact painting of when I had been asleep, except I was nude.

I looked at Francis, who seemed amused. He had got me. I got a few stares, and there were few whispers and everyone went back to what they were doing. I walked up to Francis, who was putting it away. "Well done!" I said. "Do you like it?" he asked. "Actually I do, you shouldn't have lied!" I muttered. "I didn't I just never answered your question!" he said. "Right!" I said. "You didn't give me a chance, and how was I going to turn off someone like you!" he muttered as he pulled me close. The room grew quiet. "Not here!" I muttered. "Here's a good place as any!" he said as he pulled me in and kissed me.

Fantasy to Reality

Fantasy to Reality
By: Csms (

Fantasy to Reality by CSMS

I don't know how I get myself into some situations. I guess thinking about sex constantly means I always have some erotic thought, no matter where I am. Nothing follows this statement more closely than an incident at my friend Mitzi's house.

Mitzi is a body builder, but not the buffed up, 'roided out freak some women are. She is toned and has a fantastic ass and perfect set of tits. We met at work when she was present as an observer one evening, and hit it off. We started casually hanging out together-nothing more than I would do with a guy friend of mine-until that Saturday night.

I had stopped by to see her on my way home from work. I had a book from work I had offered her, and, like normal, I simply let myself in. I went into the kitchen, and saw some Wal-Mart bags on the counter. Figuring she was moving things in from the garage, I stepped over and opened the door-empty.

I decided to leave the book on the counter. I moved the bags around to find a pen, and, to my surprise, one of the bags wasn't from Wal-Mart. It was from Macy's, and there was something inside.

Now, I kind of felt odd at this point, because Mitzi was like a hang out with kind of girl with me, not a woman I was pursuing. However, I would be lying if I said I never touched my cock and imagined it was her. She was sexy, and what guy in his right mind wouldn't want to fuck her every which way he could?

My curious nature led me inside the bag, and what I found did not disappoint me-a nice, lacy and silky red thong. Wow. I had imagined fucking her, but to see a thong she would actually wear gave me a whole new image to enjoy myself to. Her hard, sexy body in this skimpy, sexy piece of lingerie-all I could think was whoever she bought it for was in for quite a treat.

I tried to clear the thought from my mind and simply write the note. I couldn't see anything but Mitzi standing in front of me, wearing nothing but that great smile of hers and this sexy thong. I looked around the table for something to write on, but the napkin tray was empty. That explained the Wal-Mart bags. Duh!

I reached into the bag and pulled out the first piece of paper I touched. My dick was twitching with the thoughts of Mitzi now straddling me with that thong pulled aside. I had to do some writing because if she walked in now, I would look pretty damn awkward standing up!

My curious nature hit me again, and I found myself reading the receipt. Nothing long, just a few bathroom items...deodorant, shampoo, oil. Oil? Now this was just plain bad. First, I see some lingerie a sexy friend bought for someone other than me, and now I had to see this? Of course, I was jamming square pegs into round holes-and thinking of someone's nice, warm, and wet hole-but that is how my twisted mind works!

I reached into the bag and pulled out the oil. It was cocoa butter oil, the kind Mitzi would put in her baths after a workout to keep her skin from drying up. I had some cocoa butter oil at home, but I used it for different things. An idea crossed my mind, and I didn't even give it a second thought.

I knew I was taking a chance, but I there were many factors at play that had my cock more than a little awake. The thought of jacking off in my friends kitchen would make the fantasy and orgasm all that more intense, because the setting was very real. However, if she walked in and saw my naked ass planted in a chair and my oil slicked cock in my hand, our friendship-as well as my professional reputation-would be shot.

Doing it anywhere but her kitchen seemed to lessen the turn on, so I came up with a plan. The garage door opener would alert me to her arriving home, so I decided to strip down and leave my clothes in her bathroom. That way, I could move quickly there to clean up and dress and simply say I was making just using the bathroom before heading home.

I made sure the living room curtains were closed, allowing me cover to move to the bathroom when she was pulling up the driveway. I checked the front door and turned the knob to lock it. I stripped down in record time-the thought of what was happening just made me get harder-and grabbed a towel from the laundry hamper. I had to have something to keep the oil off the floor.

I went back to the kitchen and sat down. I took the oil and flipped the lid open, taking in the nice aroma of the cocoa butter scent. I reached down and took my cock in my left hand and gently squeezed my rod. I was getting erect pretty quick, and I knew once that oil coated my shaft, I would be cumming hard in no time.

I moved the bottle over the head of my now throbbing cock. I thought about Mitzi's warm mouth as the first drop of oil touched the head. It felt so good, so smooth, so wet. I squirted a small portion around the head, covering it in a thin layer of oil. I moved my left hand to the base of the shaft, allowing the oil to run down my rod. I felt so hot that I wanted more oil-but I had to watch it. I didn't want her finding a brand new bottle of oil missing a third of the contents!

I gave one more squirt on the top of the shaft, and closed the lid. Unless she was going to measure it with her eyes, it didn't look any lower than when she bought it. I set the bottle back on the table and began what I thought would be a quick job of getting off.

I moved my right hand to the top of the head, as if I was positioning it at Mitzi's pussy. The slickness from the oil made me imagine it was her wetness, building up from the thought of feeling me inside her. I slowly moved my hand down, allowing the head to slide into my hand. I could feel my cock throbbing, and I had never been as turned on while jacking off as I was at that point. I held for a moment, enjoying the sensation, and then began to feed the entire length of my cock into my hand.

The oil made the ride nice and smooth. With each inch, my cock would pulse, shooting an erotic message to my mind that this was a very hot, erotic moment. As my hand moved down, the head slowly popped out the top. I could see some pre-cum leaking out already, and I had not yet completed a stroke.

Once at the bottom, I gave a gentle squeeze, then started moving slowly back up the shaft. As the head of my slick, hard cock came to rest at the top, I squeezed myself again. An uncontrollable throb pushed back, telling me the juices were definitely moving through my dick. The head stretched slightly, making it tight. The light reflecting off the oil gave it a truly hot, sexy look that made me wish I had a pussy to slide it into.

My hand slid down and I moved to the middle of my shaft. My entire cock was now slick and shining from the oil, so I began to fuck my hand. The oil was working nicely, and I found a nice pattern of stroking. I moved my other hand to my balls and gently massaged them. As I looked at the ceiling of Mitzi's kitchen I imagined her mouth was the warmth on my cock-and the setting made it seem almost real!

I closed my eyes as I found a slow rhythm of stroking myself. I opened my legs and lifted them up, as if I was giving Mitzi room to get between them. God, how our friendship would change! At least on my end. I would always have this secret of cumming all over myself in her kitchen, and she would have no clue!

My cock was pulsing, my thoughts racing. I was surprised at how I could control myself, and I made sure the moment lasted. I would make five or six long strokes, then stop at the head. A gentle squeeze would let out some more pre-cum, which I had to smear around as well. I moved my hand over the head and, with an open hand, rubbed my palm over the top. This allowed me to take the pre-cum and mix it with the oil, turning me on even more. I would then close my hand, with my cock positioned at the bottom of my hand, and insert my cock back into my slick fist.

I was so lost in the moment. I was hoping Mitzi would give me enough time, because I was feeling like this would be a messy orgasm. I would cum on my chest and stomach, and as much as I felt was inside, there would be a good amount of cum to clean up.

I rolled my head and could hear Mitzi's voice-"Oh, yeah....oh, yeah, that is so hot." It sounded too real, but I guess I figured it was the elements. The vision of Mitzi on top of me in that red thong were replaced by her standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a green sweater, rubbing her pussy. Boy, that image looked real! And how did she go from fucking me to standing there, masturbating at the door?

I flashed back to reality-and oh, was it a flash! Mitzi WAS standing there, wearing nothing but a green sweater and her great smile! I froze! How did I not hear her? Where did she come from? How long had she been there? Too many questions to process in a split second. And, to be honest, even thought she was half-naked, I still felt like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Mitzi just smiled and said "Well, don't stop. I am enjoying the show."

I looked down and realized that when I saw her, I simply froze in mid-stroke. My hand was halfway up my cock, my legs spread wide open, giving her the best view of my cock and balls a woman could have.

Mitzi could tell I was a little confused, so she said "Maybe this will help."

With that, she took off her sweater and bra. There she was, standing in front of me, totally naked. I thought I had passed out from the erotic feelings from earlier and was in a dream! My eyes moved from her smile to her perfect tits, which looked as good-even better-than I thought they would. I moved my eyes down her body, and saw her smooth, shaved pussy. My God, was she a sight. My good friend-one I had jacked off while thinking about SO many times-was now stark naked in front of me. Add to the fact that I was holding my oiled up cock in my hand, and I truly found a fantasy had come true!

Mitzi, seeing my eyes move down her body, moved her eyes to my cock. She slowly stepped forward and said "I have enjoyed watching for the last few minutes. Now, I want to participate."

With that, Mitzi moved in front of me, put her hands on my knees, and gently pushed my legs together and down to the floor. She took my cock from my hand as she steadied herself with her right hand on my left shoulder. I was floored! Not two minutes ago I was simply jacking off in her kitchen. Now, she was going to do something-and, at that point, anything was golden-to me.

Mitzi opened her legs and began to straddle me. As she did, the bottom of the head of my cock brushed her smooth pubic area. I had never had a shaved woman before-trimmed, but never bare-and the feeling was amazing. Her skin was silky smooth, and my cock twitched as it gently slid on her skin to her waiting pussy.

Mitzi rubbed the head of my oiled up cock against her wet pussy-I don't know if she watched for a while or just simply got wet quick-to gently spread her lips. I reached for her body, and my hands moved to her hips. I held her as she began to center herself on my throbbing hard cock.

Her tits were right at my face at that point, and I was dying to taste them. I knew that time would be soon!

My hands moved up her back, leaving a trail of oil behind. Her skin was so smooth, and the oil gave it a nice, silky shine. I held her body as she eased the head of my cock into her pussy. It was so warm, so tight. I felt the soft, wet walls of her pussy form around the head of my cock. I let out a breath and looked at her face. Mitzi had her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted to allow a breath to escape. I could see some of that sexy smile as she began to lower herself onto me.

The wetness from inside her and the oil from my cock made the penetration very easy, but Mitzi made sure to control herself as I entered her. Her control, however, was quite brief.

After about two inches, Mitzi let go of my cock and moved her left hand to my right shoulder. She turned her head to me and as our eyes met, she moved down the last four inches of my cock in one smooth motion.

We both let out quick moans-her for the feeling of my cock filling her, me for the feeling of her hot, wet pussy walls surrounding my cock. At that point, our bodies simply melted together.

Mitzi moved her hands to my head and kissed me passionately, grinding her pelvis against mine. I could feel the tightness of her pussy-the feeling of pushing deep inside her, feeling each pulse as she flexed to feel every inch of me that was inside-and the heat from her body pressed against mine. Mitzi began to move her hips, gyrating them against me, moving my cock around inside her body. I kept my ass tight so all of my cock could fill her. My hands moved to her tits, feeling the firmness in them that I had longed to touch.

With that, Mitzi started to ride me. She moved her hands back to my shoulders and started to rise up. By doing so, she moved her body back from mine, and now her tits were in front of my face. I didn't waste any time taking one into my mouth. I cupped her right tit with my hands, and flicked my tongue over her nipple. Another erotic breath escaped Mitzi as she felt my warm, wet tongue on her erect nipple. I massaged her tit as I ran my tongue over the nipple, then took it inside and gently sucked on it. Mitzi began to breath harder, and I knew that with the jacking off, I wasn't going to last much longer.

I leaned back in the chair and reached for the oil. Mitzi again kissed me, and her tongue shot in and out of my mouth. Her kisses were getting more passionate, so I figured she was as close to cumming as I was.

I gently pushed her back in the chair, breaking the kiss. I flipped open the lid on the bottle as I moved it to her chest. She knew what I was doing, and slightly arched her back-never stopping her motion of riding me-to stick her chest out. I poured a generous amount of oil on her, starting at the base of her neck. I moved left and right, allowing a full cascade of oil to flow down the entire front of her body. It was such a hot site that I just simply dropped the oil bottle so I could get to work with my hands.

The oil ran down, over her tits, to her stomach, and onto my body. I reached up and took her tits in my hands, smearing the oil on them. Her body felt so good, and the oil just made my hands glide over her. The sight was something I had only imagined when masturbating, and seeing it for real sent me to the edge.

"Mitzi, I'm going to cum," I gasped, barely able to get the words out.

She leaned into me and put her head on my shoulder and said "Me too. Cum inside me, Mike. Just fill me with your cum."

That was more than I needed. As she moved her face to mine and I tasted her sweet kiss yet again, I lost it. I moved my hands to her hips and pushed her down on my cock as I thrust up to get deep inside her. The first load of cum shot out like it was from a cannon. I felt the warm stream shoot into her pussy with enough power to blow a hole in her. Mitzi must have felt it too, because she moaned "Oh, yeahhhhhh" as I filled her.

I moved her up and then back down my cock, allowing me to shoot two or three more loads into her pussy. Mitzi hit the top at that point, slamming her body down to mine. The force pushed my ass back onto the chair. I saw she had moved a hand to her clit and was rubbing herself as well. The feeling of the oil on her clit with her slick finger and my hard cock inside her gave her a shocking orgasm. Mitzi tensed up, and I could feel her muscles flex as she let go with her climax. Her face froze for a moment, and she held her hand over her pussy. A deep breath escaped her mouth, and she began to move her finger over her clit again. She held her hand still and tightened up her body two more times, letting out a soft, sexy moan after the last time.

My head fell back in the chair, and Mitzi dropped her head back to my shoulder. We were both breathing heavy-we sounded like we had just run a marathon-but kept our bodies together for a few minutes.

Mitzi sat up and smiled. I smiled back as she leaned forward and kissed me.

"Nice of you to drop by," she said.

"How did you get in the house?", I asked. "I never heard the garage door open."

"Well, your Durango is in the driveway, blocking the door," she said. Oops. BIG oops!

"And so I decided to come in the front door, which was unlocked. A little bit of poor planning on your part, don't you think?", she said. Oh yeah. I had actually UNLOCKED the door when I thought I was locking it. Her locks are opposite of mine, and that explained why that happened!

"But how long..." I started, but she cut me off.

"About five minutes. I always open the door slowly-just a habit-and could see a naked leg in my kitchen," she said.

"I thought maybe you had a chick here because your wife was home, so I decided to sneak a peak before leaving. When I saw you all alone with your cock in your hand...well, I just froze" she said.

Mitzi continued: "I watched for a few minutes, thinking you were about cum-what, with all the oil and such. I thought I would just enjoy the view, but I got so hot that I just went on impulse."

"I planned to get totally naked and surprise you by taking your cock from you and sucking you off, I just couldn't wait. After I got my pants off, I had to work my pussy-and the thought of getting myself off while watching you jack off really turned me on."

"Well, I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and, well...I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did," she said.

"I sure did," I said without hesitation. "Sorry about the mess in your kitchen."

"I think we both need a shower to clean each other up. How does that sound?", she asked.

No way I was passing that up!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Married Life Ain't So Bad

Married Life Ain't So Bad
By: minxx (

Author note: Feedback makes me hot so the more the merrier. Enjoy.

"Hey honey, I'm going to on a run in a few minutes. Do you want to tag along?" I peak my head into the office door to look at my hubby. Of course, he's totally focused on the computer screen.

"No, I'll sit this one out. Just take your cell phone, ok?"

I walk up to his desk and give him some kisses and mess with his hair. Ok, really I want to know what he was looking at that was more interesting than going on an invigorating run with his wife. I wrap my arms around him so I'm hanging over his back. I kiss his neck and work my way up to his ear and nibble on it. He's reading something on java code and other stuff I don't understand. Boring. Then, I look down at the other windows open on the bottom taskbar. Oohh...

"You're looking at porn!" I tell him laughing.

He swats my head away from his ear. "Yeah, so?!" Ha... he's getting defensive.

"You're looking at porn without me!" He laughs at that. I give him a quick kiss, a lick on the cheek and leave him to his porn. "I'll be back in about an hour."

I walk to the bedroom to put on my running clothes but I'm being followed. I take off my jeans, t-shirt, and my cute lacey bra while he watches from sitting on the bed. "I didn't know I was going to be putting on a show."

"I just wanted to enjoy the scenery." I snort at him for his comment. I turn away from him, lean over and slap my own pantied ass. I can give him scenery.

He grabs my hips and pulls me down on his lap. I smile. "You horny bastard," I whisper to him as I feel his hard dick pushing against my ass.

"As if you should talk, little miss nympho."

"Nympho, huh?" He makes an affirmative grunt and starts to kiss my neck. He moves his hands up from my hips to work his way up to my breasts and starts teasing my nipples.

I remove his hands from my nipples, stand up and turn around to face him. I look him in the eyes then look down his body to his pants. Something behind his pants was screaming to be freed. "I think you need to take your shirt off," I said to him as I started working on the zipper on his pants. He takes his shirt off in one fluid motion while I free his dick from the confines of his pants. I lean over and rub my hands down his chest, pinch his nipples because I can, and straddle him. He reaches behind my head and pulls my mouth to his and kisses me like he means to have me for dinner.

I reach down between us, grab his thick dick firmly and start rubbing my hand up and down fairly quickly. He nibbles on my lips and starts breathing a bit harder while his hands are kneading my ass.

Suddenly, he lifts me off his lap, takes off my panties quickly, and throws me on the bed. He jumps out of his pants and climbs on top of me, pushing his dick against my pussy as he kisses me again. I grab his ass roughly and rub my pussy against his dick. I moan.

He breaks the kiss, heads down to my nipples and starts biting and sucking on them. I rub my pussy against his abdomen. One of his hands moves down and starts rubbing my clit in little circles. "Oh god, honey."

He moves back up to my mouth, his hand never leaving my clit. He looks at me as he pushes two fingers into my wet pussy and rubs his fingers against that sensitive spot inside. I close my eyes and moan again. He kisses and nibbles my neck and jaw line as he keeps rubbing my pussy. His thumb finds my clit and moves it against my clit gently. I start moving my body against his hand. He whispers in my ear, "Do you like this, baby?"

I moan again in reply. He kisses my lips. "I want your dick in me," I say against his lips.

He removes his hand from my pussy, and pushes his dick in me in one smooth motion. I sigh as I feel him filling me up. He pauses and starts to pull out slowly, feeling me grip his dick the whole way. I wrap my legs around him as he pushes back inside of me. He kisses me hungrily while taking me hands and holding them over my head. He continues his slow motions, letting me feel his whole length and thickness moving inside of me.

"Oh fuck honey," I moan to him. He starts moving faster and I move one of my legs against the bed so I move with him. He sighs.

He starts using our hands to push his dick and body against me more and I respond by moving my hips against him. I moan more and know that I'm not going to last long like this. "Fuck me, honey. Give it to me." He starts moving faster. Oh god. "I want to feel you cum in me."

"You want it?" All I can do is moan. He pounds his dick into my pussy, pounds his hips into my clit, and I push my hips against his. I close my eyes and see white spots and feel the climax rush down my body. I feel his body tighten as he comes cum, hear him moaning with my moans, and feel his slow movements making the moment last just a few moments longer.

I wrap both my legs around him again and kiss his mouth roughly. "You bastard. You ruined my run," I tell him giggling breathlessly.

He nibbles on my ear. "I like the idea of continuing the workout in the bed."

I moan and kiss him.